Facts and Questions About Wraps

air-seal-insulation How is a wrap produced?

The first step is design whether we’re creating the design for you or you’re providing us with print ready art.  Once your design has been approved we move into production.  Your wrap will be printed on a large format, solvent ink-jet printer.  This type of printer is similar to something you might have on your desk at home, but it can print up to 60″ wide and uses durable, outdoor ink made to withstand UV rays.  To extend the life of your wrap, we also recommend a UV laminate that will protect against some marks, abrasions and fading.

Are imperfections acceptable?

YES! Vehicle wraps require properly prepared surfaces to promote adhesion. On many vehicles, we will encounter painted surfaces that may not be conducive for that necessary adhesion and durability of the materials such as door handles, hinges, textured surfaces, emblems, rubber, moldings, weather stripping, sliding windows, exhaust areas and some extreme convex and compound curves.

There are techniques for handling some of those areas, such as providing overlays, patches, relief cuts and taking these areas of concern into consideration during the design phase prior to printing. The practice of using these techniques for blending and coverage makes those areas difficult or impossible to see from 5-10 feet away. In every wrap, there will be defects and imperfections. A vinyl wrap is not a custom paint job, so if you’re looking for perfect coverage, please remember it is not possible with vinyl. A vehicle wrap is a cost effective alternative to a custom paint job that provides more pop, detail and impact than paint can come close to. It is important that you understand a wrap does not provide for covering 100% of the vehicle, as some areas are not conducive to vinyl at all such as cracks, expansion points and seams, and are not perfect pieces when viewing up close.

Will it damage my vehicle’s paint?

It is highly unlikely. For the time that the vehicle is wrapped, the paint is actually protected from minor abrasions and some UV exposure. However, you may want to be careful if you have an aftermarket non OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) paint job. There is no guarantee or way to know if an aftermarket paint job will be damaged upon removal. This is at the owners own risk.

Do you help design the wrap?

Yes. We can design the whole wrap, or we can work with or enhance your own artwork. Our professional wrap designers will consult with you to make sure that your vehicle wrap effectively displays your promotional idea.

How long will it last?

With proper care and maintenance, a wrap can last 3-5 years or longer. Perforated vinyl can last one to two years.

How do I take care of a vehicle wrap?

We highly recommend hand washing only. High pressure washers and harsh chemicals should be avoided.

Can the graphics be removed?

Yes. Most vinyls are manufactured with an adhesive that can be removed with no damage to the paint. If the wrap is only for temporary use, we recommend using a vinyl that is intended for that purpose.

Why is a wrap a great marketing tool?

For a relatively small initial investment, you will reach thousands of potential clients every day for years. Wraps get your message out 24 hours a day, even when the vehicle is parked. Traffic jams are actually turned into marketing sessions. A wrap can generate millions of impressions per year when strategically parked and driven on major roads.

How can I justify the cost?

Let’s assume your $3,500 wrap is seen by an average of 5,000 people per day. over the course of its 5 year life, you have spent the equivalent of $1.92 a day to create over 9 million impressions! Marketing experts will tell you this is a very cost-effective way to reach the masses. It would be difficult to find a more effective means of reaching more potential clients for less money.

What happens if my wrap gets damaged?

In most cases, a damaged wrap is easily fixable.  We will remove the affected area(s), reprint and reinstall to match as closely as possible.


How will I know what my wrap will look like when it’s completed?

With every job you will receive a set of color proofs to review and approve before printing begins.  It is important to note that you can expect slight color differences and art shifting when the wrap is completed.  In most cases the installer will adjust the layout on the fly to better suit the area they’re wrapping.

What should I know about my quote?

Once we have your measurements and design ideas, the next step is to provide you quote. Your quote is valid for 15 days from the date listed. Quotes not accepted within 15 days will expire and must be re-figured. This means that the price may go up, down or be exactly the same as before.

Your quote will contain detailed information about your project such as: Measurements of the area(s) being wrapped, type of material being used, whether or not you have chosen to laminate your wrap, design, printing and installation costs, approximate timeline, etc.  If any specs change once you’ve received your quote, a new quote will need to be re-figured.

I WANT A WRAP! Now what?

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